Thursday, November 13, 2008

That Sinking Feeling.

Our house is old. 1922 old. And with old houses there's a lot of settling that goes on over time. When we first moved in there was a weird lump in the middle of the dining room. It felt like someone shoved a dead cat under the floor or something. It obviously wasn't that (ew, gross) but it was a result of the walls all settling while the center of the floor stayed in place. The whole house had sloping floors, and in some areas the level of the floor was an inch lower or higher than other areas. Some people suggested we do a quick fix and just fill in the low parts when we did the new floors, but nope. With some good suggestions from my dad and my boss, we decided the best thing to do was to squeeze under the house and jack up the house pier by pier and adjust the levels. Well, I didn't go under there, but I think my dad has spent 2 straight weeks under there (probably not good for his bronchitis), along with Jose. They've done a great job, though, and the front windows even open now!! I can't believe how much work they've done on it. How do dads just know what to do?

My dad is under there somewhere.

There's my dad!

House jacks lifting up the joists so the piers can be removed and cut to the right height.

Jose getting ready to squeeze under the floor through the hole in the dining room.

Jose removing nails from the piers.

Our newly leveled floors. (the windows in the background actually open now)


Molly said...

That makes me so claustrophobic! Yes. How exactly do dads know how to do this kind of stuff? And when Christian becomes a dad, will he automatically know how to do this stuff? :)

Amy Carter said...

i know. i'm already feeling the pressure to know more 'fix-it' stuff before diego is old enough to realize i don't know much. perhaps i can just refer him to his grandparents.
ivan and i just completed our first de-rusting project, so i can check that one off the list. the next will be staining the wood parts of the school desk, and then painting the metal part. three new skills learned with one piece of furniture. now i'm realizing why the desk was only $25.

Ashley C. said...

Yeah Amy, and we're realizing why our house was so cheap to start with :)