Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School's over...

summer is here and it's time to start doing some serious work on the house again. Here we go!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Is Here

Jose and I took advantage of the great weather and a rare day off together to do some much needed yard work. Despite waking up with yet another raging headache (my fourth this week), we actually accomplished quite a bit. Jose worked on moving some of the many, many rocks in the side yard so we can get the vegetable garden started while I weeded the front and planted a few more natives. We definitely need to go get some mulch so we can stop weeding the same spots over and over! It's looking good though and I'm going to work on planting at least a few new things each week. I'm getting excited!

Volunteer sunflower.

Jose moving rocks for the future vegetable garden.

Heuchera about to flower.

Bulbs in bloom.

Ribes close-up.

Weeding the side strip.

Newly planted Ribes.

Native grape planted and tied to start climbing!

California Island Snapdragon

Yarrow, Island Snapdragon, and bulbs.

Vegetable seedlings almost ready to be planted.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Painting the Kitchen

Alright, I'm back. Yes, I know it's been a while but, well, I've been too busy being lazy to do anything around the house. But on Thursday night, my mom sent me a text offering to take the dog for a couple days so I could get some painting done. (Have I mentioned that my mom is awesome?!) Turns out that was the motivation I've been looking for, so 4 hours of taping, 5+ hours of priming and painting, and a gallon of paint later, the kitchen, laundry room and part of the pantry are done! Things I learned: painting is fun, taping is not. It looks good though, so I guess it was worth it!

Before, with green cabinet paint over-spray.

This is what took so long. Painting the walls and ceiling BEFORE the cabinets were in would have been nice.

After! It just looks white here, but actually its a really nice cream color.

A better idea of the paint color.

Laundry room before.

Laundry room after. So fresh and so clean.