Thursday, November 20, 2008


We made a lot of progress this weekend on the floors. My dad finished leveling all the floors where the hardwood is going to be installed, so it was time to put on the plywood. My coworker, who has been nice enough to stop by often to give us advice on what to do with the house, loaned us his air compressor, nail gun, and staple gun. Then Javier and Jose went to work, re-nailing the existing floor boards, cutting the plywood to fit, and gluing and stapling it onto the floors. I think they were extremely happy the have the nail and staple guns, because doing that by hand would have taken forever. It was a long, hard weekend, but it looks great already and now we're just waiting on the hardwood! We also had a plumber/electrician come by to take a look at redoing a lot of the kitchen/pantry stuff before we cover up those floors. It was pretty much a mess under the kitchen and pantry floors, so my dad's been working extremely hard removing rotted wood and making everything stronger. We're definitely goings to have to have a big thank you party for everyone whose helped out so much!

My dad with a piece of rotted, termite infested wood from the foundation.

Javier stapling in the floors.

Jose nailing the existing flooring down to make it sturdier.

Closing up the hole in the floor.

Nailing in the plywood.

Break time.

Cake time.

Our first casualty.

Me, posing on our new floors.

Making the final measurements.

The completed floors with the hard working guys.


LJ and DC said...

Those wooden window frames are GORGEOUS!

Molly said...

I'm missing everything. Good thing you started the blog.

Amy Carter said...

when does the new hardwood arrive?

Ashley C. said...

I think the guy is going to start this weekend, but apparently it's a long process because you have to let the wood sit and acclimate for 5 days before you even start installing, then it takes a while after that. It's a bit behind schedule, but I guess that's hard to avoid.