Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Floors From Hell...dun, dun, DUN

When we first got the house, we were told that the flooring was just vinyl and carpet (gross, ugly carpet). But we knew that houses that old usually have wood floors, so we dug out a little piece of the particle board under the carpet and there it was! A little corner of painted wood floors just waiting to be refinished! We were so excited until we proceeded to rip out one whole room of terrible, terrible particle board nailed every 4" on center with evil ribbed nails. But we were uncovering the wood floors excitedly until...what's that? A glimmer of light peaking through from underneath the floor boards. And that only means one thing. These old floors had no subfloor under them. Tons of little cracks in the floors would let cold air and creepy crawly thing into the house if we used them as is. And so our excitement was short lived, and now we're back to square one. We won't have original hardwood floors anymore and we'll have to have new wood floors installed. Not the end of the world, but old floors would have been cool...and a lot cheaper.

The original dirty, ugly carpets.

Jose ripping out the particle board.

Jose and his dad, Javier, taking out wood scraps.

Molly removing stubborn screws in the floors. (screw drivers wouldn't work)

Javier and my dad, Mike removing the hardest floor of them all in the kitchen. (the shingles on the floor are to compensate for the bad sloping from one side of the room to the other)

Mike taking a break after ripping out the wet flooring under the water heater.

The uncovered original painted wood floors. They would have been so nice :(


Amy Carter said...

i'm glad i've sent my offer to help only after the floor-ripping job was completed. that did not look like fun.

Molly said...

It was loud, too. Very loud. And I was only there for a teeny part of it. I mostly just want to sit around talking while everyone else works.