Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's funny. Every rental place I've ever lived in had boring white walls that I wasn't allowed to paint. I couldn't wait till the day I got my own place where I could paint it any bright, wonderful colors I wanted. So what do I do as soon as we get this house? I painted over the soft yellow colored walls with WHITE paint! I know, I know. It's crazy. But it's only temporary until I have time to really pick out a great color palette without feeling rushed. We're also stripping all the woodwork in the house (that's a whole other post to come) so I don't want to do the final painting until that's done. And I have to admit, the new white paint does make the place look cleaner, but still, I can't help but find the white paint a bit ironic.

Molly, my sister, painting the front room (or getting ready to stab someone with the paint brush).

My mom, Chris, the expert painter. Note the old yellow wall above her.


Molly said...

Next time I come over I'm going to make sure I look super cute so that pictures like this don't end up on this blog. :)

Ashley C. said...

Ha. I remeber Rich saying that you always put bad pictures of me on your blog, so I guess this is payback!