Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Pics

Here's some random photos of what we've been doing lately. The hardwood was delivered yesterday, so he should start installing it Tuesday and our back door is getting installed on Saturday! The kitchen floor is ready to be closed up as soon as the plumber fixes the pipes (sometime next week). It's exciting...things are finally coming together. I'm still tweaking the kitchen design and trying to figure everything out (like how to fit a 25" deep dishwasher under a 23" counter). I ordered an apron sink though! Not the Ikea one was too wide for the narrow counter area. I just got a call that it will be in tomorrow! That was fast. It's funny, I've actually been reading my Bungalow Kitchens book instead of just looking at the pictures and she talks about everything that I'm dealing with right now (fitting modern appliances into narrow old counters, designing cabinets, DIY vs hiring people). It's kinda cool to realize that this is just how it goes with old houses!

We finally got the old heater out of the we have a huge hole :(

The backside of the original lath and plaster (We had to rip it all out for the new pantry wall).

With the heater gone, you can see all the way through the wall now! All this will be moved over and cleaned up for the new stove.

Leveling the corner of the house out with shims (the wedges between the concrete and the wood).

I spent a couple days pruning the neglected trees in the backyard and cutting them away from the badly leaning garage. I want to plant a few fruit trees eventually.


jay-way. said...

your house is going to be amazing! that's so awesome... i'm so happy for you two!

Amy Carter said...

hurray! can't wait to see that new floor. that will make such a difference. you'll have to let me know what type of furniture/accessories/do-dads that you want for the house so then i can't start keeping my eye out for good deals.

5keelers said...

Ashley- I love the house! It is hard work...but so worth it in the end! Where is this house of yours?

Ashley C. said...

Corrin, we're in San Jose. If you're ever in California, feel free to stop by!