Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hardware Dilemma

I have to choose hardware for the kitchen (sink faucet, bin pulls for the drawers, and knobs for the cupboards). The only other pieces of hardware we've bought so far for the house are the back door dead bolt and knob, which are black. I think I want all the door knobs in the house to be black like those (I think the look is called oil rubbed bronze). So my dilemma...if all the door knobs are black (and maybe even eventually the light fixtures, light switch covers, etc), do the bin pulls and knobs in the kitchen need to be black too? And does the kitchen faucet have to match or is it ok to be chrome or some other metal? All the appliances are brushed stainless steel, so I don't know if that makes a difference. What do I do??

I love the look of this one, but the color probably won't work. It also comes in chrome, brushed nickel, and some others. Not black.

I really like this one. I like the tall, movable pot filler spout. It comes in chrome, polished or matte nickel. Matte nickel might be cool. Not as shiny.

This one is cool, but the faucet may be too low to fill pots.

Brushed nickel bin pull from Rejuvenation

Same one in black.

Another Rejuvenation pull. You can choose any metal finish.

I like the rustic look.

Some more options.

I like the shape and color of this one.

I like the matte finish on these door sets from Rejuvenation (all their door knobs are ridiculously priced though!)

Some more cool, expensive sets.

I love this one. I'd like it for the front door.


Molly said...

I have no suggestions. I stink at choosing stuff like that. But I like the darker/rustic colors.

Chris said...

faucet #3 is my favorite, but I agree about the spigot being too low. then #2 would be my second choice. They're all great. Where did you find them? I want to replace ours.
I think the dark bin pulls are my favorite, but with stainless appliances and the fact that your kitchen is very separate from the rest of the house, brushed chrome would be good also, and match a faucet. Our black faucet in the playroom bathroom shows water spots worse than the chrome does.

Chris said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that last door knob. Absolutely fantastic!

Amy Carter said...

i yi yi, too many things to decide on! no wonder you can't focus on school. i like the first faucet and fourth pull. i go for anything rustic. will go well with the green.
i don't think the doornobs need to match all other hardware in the house. coordinate each room separately.
i prefer brown to black on most anything. unless it's a rustic black, of course.

Maria said...

I love the last choice for the front door! You don't need to match the exterior door hardware w/the interior. Your #1 & #2 faucets are great, I think #2 would be your best choice, especially to move around for larger pots or just in general, I wish I had something like that in my kitchen for filling or cleaning large items. The rustic drawer pulls are perfect they would fit your kitchen design.