Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before and (Almost) Afters

Move in date is so close we can almost taste it! The floors are sanded and stained with one layer of varnish and two to go. The floor guy says we can start moving in on Tuesday! They look amazing already. The kitchen's still all open but we don't care, we'll deal with it. At least we can move in the stuff for the rest of the house so we finally have access to all our stuff and a bit of our own space.
Here some progress pictures. I wish they real finished after pictures but that might still be a bit and I'm too excited!

Before: Ugly carpets, cute paint, white trim.

After: Beautiful! Still shiny and wet.

Before: Old water heater and pantry.

After: New plumbing for washer and dryer and framing for the new wall.

After: New tankless water heater. We'll have to get a box to hide it somehow, but it takes up a lot less space now!

Before: The old kitchen.

After: No more kitchen.

Before: Flimsy interior door being used as an exterior door.

After: New door waiting for trim. It'll be perfect once there's a beautiful garden to look out on!


Molly said...

Everything looks so different! I'm excited to see it. Maybe I'll come down tomorrow (or sometime this weekend) to see it! And I'll be there to help you move on Tuesday. :)

Amy Carter said...

wow, ashley, that's awesome!! it looks amazing. i can't believe how quickly this all happened (although i'm sure it felt like forever to you.) can't wait to see it.

Maria said...

The floors are beautiful!! can't wait to see them, it's so exciting to see the progress from Saturday. I am so happy that you can move in next week, what a gift to see the two of you finally in your home!!

Tyler said...

That's so fun. It's incredible to see how much you guys are doing with the home. Can't wait to see the final product.

Nedra said...

The floors are gorgeous!!