Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ceiling Fans

Right now we have a couple ugly ceiling fans in the house. The one in the living room belongs in a tropical breeze house, and I just don't like the bedroom one. I've been looking for some other fans. Here's a few I like.

Our current living room fan.

I like the simplicity of this one. I think it's my favorite one, but it has not light on it :(

This looks cool, but I'm worried it might look cheap in person.

This might be too big for the space, but it's cool.

I like this a lot.

Another nice one. It may hang too low, though.

How's this one?
Or this?


Chris said...

The upside-down pyramid is my favorite, followed by the one below it that you like. Some of the others look like they'll hang too low. Don't think I like the yellow one. the 3 paddled one is nice. Where did you find them?

Amy Carter said...

you should probably number all the options... there's a ton. i think i like the 2nd to last one the best. simple, chic, and can go with any decor.

Maria said...

I like your #1 choice and the one you liked #6?, you might want to find out if you can add lights to #1, (you can add lights to most fans for a little extra). I really think that style is the best. Also, a fan that can be fitted to ceiling would be best so it's not too low.