Monday, August 10, 2009

Resurrecting the Garage

We're finally starting to tackle the garage, much to the amazement of our neighbors! It's so old and rickety and leans so badly that when the termite guys came to tent our house, they refused to do the garage for fear it would tip over! They were probably right.
With a crank and a cable, my dad and Jose pulled it straight and guess what?! After a couple weeks, it's still standing! Here are some photos, although I'll have to add a straight garage shot tomorrow, because I didn't seem to take one.

Our crooked garage.

Cranking it straight.

Adding braces to keep it from slipping back.

Re-framing the end wall.

Of course Scout's always in the action.

A bit of structural support and added insulation.

Of course we couldn't use new, shiny nails on our old, rustic garage!

Re-applying the original redwood siding, flipped over for a more antique look.

Jose, working hard :)

The (almost) finished product! Only 3 more sides to go!


Molly said...

Oh neat! I should have checked it out when we dropped you off the other day! I love seeing everything you guys are doing.

Maria said...

Wow, it's amazing, what you have done, I can't wait to see it next visit.