Thursday, September 17, 2009

Refinishing Projects

My mom and dad came up the other day with a couple great old finds to refinish. One was a little old end table that belonged to my Grandma Adrian (or possibly even her mom) and the other was an old wood radio that my dad found somewhere (I actually have no idea where it came from). My dad did pretty much all the hard work of stripping and sanding the two, so I can't really take much credit, but I did help put the varnish on! They look soooo good! The table still needs 4 cool tiles for the top, but I still have to find some. Bring me more old stuff!


Molly said...

Cool! Were these at your house last time I was there?

Ashley C. said...

The radio was in Hollister, but the table has been here, tucked next to the couch. I need to find some tiles for it but they're all so expensive!!

Chris said...

So fun to see the project on your blog. I have a few fun photos that include you and dad staining the table. I can't wait to see the tiles you choose.