Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Beach Day

Here are some photos of Scouts first trip to the ocean. She had quite a water week...Lake Tahoe, the beach, and a pool...and I can definitely say she's a water dog! She loved it.

All tired out, asleep at my feet while I cook!


Molly said...

Cute! I love that she likes the water. (And I love that beach. Makes me think of Riley.)

Maria said...

Scout is so cute, she's really enjoying the beach! You all look so relaxed and having fun (I think I see Ashley under Scout in one of the pics.

. said...

Hi there. Fred here. You guys should've told me you were going to be around. I could have brought Peabody and we would have had a wicked dog party at the beach.

P.S. Seacliff Beach is my second favorite. I used to live like right there until about a month ago.

Ashley C. said...

Hi Fred! We'll definitely come down again and have a killer doggie beach day! We miss the ocean.