Monday, April 6, 2009

Love Birds

Spring is definitely in the air! A few days ago I noticed a couple little finch-like birds built a nest up in the corner of our front porch. I climbed up there today and there were two cute little eggs nestled in some yarn and twigs. I can't wait til the hatch, then there'll be little chirpy baby birds!

*Update: Mama bird now has 4 eggs! I spy on her through the little windows in my from door and watch her wiggle herself down into the nest till only her tail and little head are visible!


Chris said...

So delicate. I love the feminine soft yarn touch. Wonder where the parents found that?

Molly said...

That is so beautiful! Those are some talented birds. The leaves, the yarn, and the eggs seem too perfect to be real.

Amy Carter said...

so cute! can't wait till they hatch.

also, i thought of you yesterday morning when i stepped out my front door. the car parked directly in front of my house had it's back passenger window broken and the car had been all rummaged through. the poor owners had no idea their car was sitting in such a state.

looks like cars aren't safe in my hood either.

Ashley said...

That is adorable. So perfect for Easter.