Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working in the Garden

This weekend, as Jose and I worked in the front yard, I was talking to our 10 yr old neighbor and she said "it looks like you guys don't really like to weed much!" Yes, it's true, we have let the front yard get a little out of control. With all the rain and working so much on the inside of the house, we've neglected the outside. But this weekend, we finally finished the new path in the front and Jose worked to remove some of the many, many rocks that plague our yard. Really, I don't know why the previous owners thought it would be such a good idea to put rocks everywhere!! I managed to use some in the path, but we still have a gazillion more! The yards slowly coming along. At least now it looks like we like to weed a little more.

The new pathway and a partially weeded front yard.

Jose "farming" for rocks. That one little patch yielded a whole wheelbarrow!

Another view of the path. The flagstone are scraps I salvaged over the years at my landscaping job in Santa Cruz, the cobbles are from the garden, and the brick was from the rubble pile at my work after an old staircase was taken out at a jobsite.


Molly said...

Next time I'll come over early enough to help you garden and not right after you finish.

The Carters said...

look at all the work on the house. We really are excited to see it, and you. Don't hate us for not visiting. It was a last minute trip with every minute accounted for. Trust me, we'd rather come and see you when it is all about you!!!

Amy Carter said...

nice excuse, kitty. you guys are busted.

ashley ~ diego would have loved to help with the rocks! granted, he would prefer to throw them after picking them up. we'll have to come for a visit soon and assign him that task. perhaps in a couple weeks when the weather is (hopefully) warmer.

Ashley C. said...

Kitty...of course I don't hate you!! And it will be even more exciting to see it when the kitchen is completed. Then at least I can offer you guys a glass of water or a snack!

Amy...I'm sure Jose would appreciate all the help he can get, unless of course Diego is throwing the rocks back in the cleared areas :)