Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kitchen Floors!!

The kitchen floors were finished this weekend!!! Well almost--we were short 4 tiles so there's one spot in the laundry room that's not done. Other than that though, they look amazing. I had really debated whether black and white checkered floors was the right choice all the way up until installation, but now I'm genuinely happy we stuck with it. I love the view of the tile while I'm sitting on the couch in the living room. I can't wait to paint all the'll look even better!

The floor guy had to "float" the floors before laying the tile to compensate for the sloping.

Our beautiful floors!

I can't believe we're missing only 4 tiles!!


Molly said...

They look great! I think they look even better in person. Now the countdown until the rest of the kitchen is done, right? It looks so good.

Amy Carter said...

just the post that i was waiting for! how fancy that you have tile in your kitchen. i bet it feels nice to be able to walk on tile, and not plywood. pretty soon, you'll be able to walk barefoot in your own house!

man, i can't believe you were 4 tiles short. so close!

when does the painting of the cabinets begin?

Ashley C. said...

Painting begins on Friday!! And I think the counters will probably be done this weekend (maybe). The appliances are on order and I'm ordering our faucet today! Cooking here we come!!

Chris said...

I got to see the PAINTED cabinets along with the tiled floor this saturday and they do look GREAT. Wait til you see the cabinet color - perfect!