Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Neighborhood Welcome Committee

Today we got a big fat "Welcome to the neighborhood." As I left for work this morning, I was startled to find this:

Yup. Someone smashed my window and ripped my crappy stereo out of the dashboard. Luckily they left everything else, including one of Jose's guitar speakers that happened to be in back seat. I'm actually more annoyed than angry. The hassle of fixing the window and replacing the stereo is way bigger than whatever they're going to get for my stolen radio. And it frustrates me that I have to worry about parking my car on the street, directly in front of my house! I've never had a garage to park in at any house I've lived in. Why should I need one now? Hopefully it was an isolated incident. The neighborhood really doesn't seem that bad and I get the feeling that the neighbors really look out for one another. Oh well, at least I didn't get my tires slashed 2 nights in a row like my old roommates did a couple weeks ago at the house Jose and I just moved out of! And AAA is sending someone out to repair the damages to my car, so I guess it's not too terrible.


Molly said...

SAD! How frustrating. I hope this was a one-time thing. You should ask your neighbors if they have seen this happen much.

Amy Carter said...

very sad indeed. thank goodness for insurance. maybe you can get a better stereo out of this. perhaps one of those with a removable cover is best for your hood. and never leave anything in the car that might intice someone to break in... that's my SF motto.
i had my car broken into twice within one month in SF near my old studio; only four blocks from where i live now. the ironic part was that if the second thief would have tried all the doors, he would have noticed that the first thief had already done the hard work for him by removing the lock on passenger-side door. instead the idiot make a fresh break-in by busting the window like they did on yours. nothing stolen either time. i've also had my car rummaged through when i forgot to lock the doors. apparently people walk the streets at night checking doors.

Tyler said...

Ugh! That stinks. I had my stereo ripped out once and they messed up the stereo mounts enough that I just set the next one in the gaping hole they left in the dash.

The next time my car was broken into all they had to do was lift it out. At that point I didn't even care about the stereo. I was just glad they didn't break my window because I forgot to lock my doors. All the other cars in the lot had broken windows or drilled out locks.

Ashley C. said...

Yeah, I've had my car rummaged through a number of times in Santa Cruz, but nothing has ever been taken and they've never broken anything. At least my insurance is covering it this time though. That's a plus.

The Carters said...

yikes! Just checking in to see how life in your new place is giong (haven't been on your blog in a while) and this is the lamest news ever. Sorry to hear about it. I hope the other entries involve less broken glass.