Thursday, January 29, 2009

Narrowing It Down

Ok. I've chosen the bin pulls for the cabinet and the finish I want all the kitchen hardware to be. Here's the bin pulls:

The finish is brushed nickle. I want the lights to be like that too and the faucet. I still have to pick out the knobs for the cabinets though. I can't decide if metal, glass, or porcelain would be best. Rejuvenation has a bunch of cool ones, but for some reason their online store doesn't seem to have many options in the brushed metal finish. Here are some choices, what do you think??

Metal #1

Metal #2

Glass #1

Glass #2

Porcelain #1

Porcelain #2


Maria said...

Ashley, I love your blog, I check every chance I get to see updates!! I especially like the glass knobs, glass #2 is very different from other glass knobs I've seen. I also like either porcelain but with a brushed nickle center.

Molly said...

Ooh, I like Glass #2! That's definitely my vote.

Molly said...

And you should let people know that the picture of the potting bench is now in the previous post. I guess I just let everyone know.

Amy Carter said...

they all look nice. hmmmm, i think i like the glass best. or maybe the porcelain.

what are the bin pulls going to be on? the drawers? will it look odd if the drawers are metal and the cabinets are glass/porcelain? or is the whole kitchen going to be metal and the cabinets you are referring to for the other options are going to be in a different room?

Ashley C. said...

No Amy, the cabinets are in the kitchen too. the bin pulls are for the drawers and the knobs are for the cabinet doors. I've seen kitchens that mix metal with glass or porcelain but I'm just not sure what would look best. All metal would be more uniform, but mixing it up might be interesting. maybe I'll order one of each and figure it out when the cabinets are installed.

Chris said...

I think my favorite is metal knob #2. I love either glass knob as well, but not sure about mixing them with your metal bin pull(which I love). I thing sticking with the same brushed metal throughout would be more harmonious. I've always liked porcelain but think of it as more colonial than bungalow. My Rejuvination '07 catelogue has a nice Art Deco cabinet pull (like Tahoe only metal). Ask your boss about that hardware store in Burlingame.

Tyler said...

I think I like Glass. Not sure between 1 or 2.